To Our Customers: 
At Packerland Brokerage Services, Inc., we are committed to 
protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal 
and financial information. The measures we take to keep your 
personal information private and secure are outlined below. 
How We Protect Confidentiality: 
Packerland uses procedural, physical, and electronic system 
safeguards to store and secure information about you in 
compliance with federal standards. Our systems protect your 
information from unauthorized access, alteration, and 
destruction. Access is permitted only to those individuals within 
our organization who need the information to perform their job 
responsibilities. When we enter into agreements with other 
companies to provide services available to you, we include a 
confidentiality clause. Under such an agreement, these 
companies may receive information about you, but they may 
only use it for the intended purpose, which is to benefit you. 
Persons Covered by the Privacy Policy: 
The Packerland Privacy Policy applies to anyone who is a 
current or former Packerland Brokerage Services client, 
including customers of our correspondent clearing firm. We 
provide you with a copy of this policy when you open an 
account, and we send you annual notifications thereafter. If we 
change our policy regarding the sharing of information, we will 
notify you in advance and give you the opportunity to "opt out" 
of such disclosure. 
How We Obtain Information About You: 
In the normal course of business, we collect, retain and use 
information about you to serve your financial needs, administer 
your account(s) and inform you of products and services that 
may be of interest. This data, known as non-public personal 
information, may be collected from several sources, including: 
Packerland’s Customer Account Form, applications and other 
forms you file with us, product vendors as a result of your 
transactions with us, our affiliates, and non-affiliated third 
parties such as consumer reporting agencies or medical 
providers. Because we strive to provide you with the best 
possible service, the accuracy and completeness of your 
personal information is important to us. We ask that you review 
your information regularly to ensure that it is correct. Please 
contact your account representative or Packerland directly if 
you need to correct or update your personal information. 
Sharing Information - With Whom and Why: 
Packerland does not sell your personal information to anyone. 
We restrict the types of information we share and the types of 
entities with whom we share it. The primary reason for sharing 
information about you is to increase your convenience in 
transacting business with us and to give you more financial 
services choices. 
Should your Registered Representative change within our firm, 
your information may be shared with the new Representative. 
Also, if your Registered Representative leaves our firm, your 
personal information may be retained by him/her for the 
purpose of continuing to service your account(s). 
If you wish to opt-out of having your Representative take your 
personal information upon leaving Packerland Brokerage 
Services, please send written request to: 
Packerland Brokerage Services, Inc. 
Attn: Compliance Department 
432 Security Blvd., Ste. 101 
Green Bay, WI 54313 

We do not disclose your personal information to non-affiliated 
third parties unless it is necessary for the purpose of 
processing your transactions or servicing your account(s). 
Examples may include retirement plan sponsors, third party 
administrators, mutual fund companies, insurance companies 
and agencies, other broker dealers and clearing firms, and the 
company that prints and mails your account statement. 
We disclose or report personal information in limited 
circumstances when we believe in good faith that disclosure is 
required or permitted under law. For example, we would 
provide information in cooperation with securities regulators or 
law enforcement authorities, to resolve consumer disputes, or 
to perform credit evaluations and authenticated checks. 
Medical or Health Information: 
While we might receive medical or health information from you 
at the time of application for various types of insurance, we do 
not use or share it - internally or externally – for any purpose 
other than what is directly related to the administration of your 
policy, account, or claim, as required or permitted by law, or as 
you authorize us to do so. 
Option to Opt Out and Change Notices: 
If for any reason at any time in the future we find it necessary 
to disclose any of your personal information in a way that is 
inconsistent with this policy, we will give you advance notice of 
the proposed change and the opportunity to opt out of such 
Privacy Policy 
Rev. 07/